Sunday, March 27, 2011

Would you risk your life to save another person's life?

I believe that it is possible to consider the worthiness of taking some risk in an attempt to save another person's life, dependent upon the circumstances and conditions of the situation.  However, as a person who loves life and is looking forward to many more years to come, I'd really have to challenge my integrity to arrive at an honest conclusion.

While, risking your own life to save another is heroic and noble; who is to truly say that one life is more valuable than another?  In other words, when hypothetically faced with such a question are respondents really supposed to feel guilty if they chose not to risk their own life to save someone else's?

I believe that even hypothetically it could be a tough decision to contemplate.

I also wanted to include the fact as a reminder that there are some professions in which human beings are faced with this hypothetical situation on an ongoing and regular basis in real life; such as:  fireman; bounty hunters; or soldiers.  I'd also like to point out how stressful it must be for both those individuals and their loved ones, always wondering if today is the day that this person may not be reunited with their loved ones while preserving this ability for someone else and their loves ones due to the act of risking their own life to save another's life falling under the scope of their elected profession, or, line of duty.

When considering this hypothetical situation as a reality (also, a reality outside of a chosen profession (where an individual made a conscious decision to enter in to such a risky, life-threatening career field) for a living and salary), what factors would figure in to the equation when determining an answer?

Additionally, would the answer to this hypothetical situation be a constant or a variable?

In other words, if a person's answer was, "yes", would this answer change if the person's life to be saved was a stranger?  Or, if the person's life to be saved was someone aged so much ... that it is probable to consider that their lifeline may soon expire anyway due to natural causes?  What if it was someone you detested or that person hated you?  What if the person was a loved one?

Lastly ... what if the person to be saved was staged as needing to be saved as part of an elaborate homicidal scheme concocted by a criminally insane person who just waited for someone with an unselfish heart to walk in to their evil trap to set them up just for the mere and sheer satisfaction of having that much control over a person's mind to manipulate the good-hearted person by means of deception in to selflessly risking and possibly losing their own life for what falsely appeared to be another human being on the verge of losing their life?  Do people so cruel even exist outside of the theatrical realm?  I'll leave that open for interpretation.

So ... just a few variables to consider before responding to the question.

Here are my final thoughts at this very moment ... after expressing and identifying just some of the possible variables in such a hypothetical situation, I believe that I would honestly have to say that short of determining how much of a percentage of a risk the situation was, I would have to place my own life at the highest place value, because if I didn't, who else would, and what about my loved ones and people who love me?

To conclude, the topic is not necessarily to evaluate right or wrong, selfish or not, but, rather to provoke critical thought and express and share your feelings on such a hypothetical matter with fellow bloggers.  Also there is going to be a part 2 to this blog to follow soon.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What would you do for one hundred million dollars?

I believe that to the average person, and even the "not so average" person, one hundred million dollars is considered a lot of money!  An individual possessing such an enormous amount of money may consider themselves or may be perceived by others as being beyond rich, and described as being wealthy, not to mention powerful and influential based on financial status and abilities through this status.

Therefore, it could be contemplated (by most) that an underlying intense influence could control a person's thoughts and actions in order to attain such an existence.  Which brings about the hypothetical question of how persuasive the promise of such an existence could be to a human being to achieve such a financial status and all the possibilities that are available in such a situation.

When I ask myself, what would I do for one hundred million dollars, I have to ask myself what are the norms in the relation between performed actions and monetary compensation.  Next, I ask myself, what could any human being actually do to acquire such a vast resource of currency.  Finally, I ask myself, if my morals and values could be forsaken if such a situation presented itself to me within in my lifetime, and also determine if my norms and values correlate with society's and whether or not they could be compromised, and, if the answer to that question is "yes", I then, have to evaluate and ask myself, under what circumstances or conditions?

An excerpt from a true life story I am about to share with followers, in a random conversation amongst approximately six (6) people, I was asked if I would leave my current fiancee (at that time) if someone would give me $10,000.00 and buy me a house.  At the time of the conversation, it is fair to say that the house they were referring to could be estimated at approximately $250,000.00.

I will reveal my answer to this proposal, in my next post; but, what I wish to share with readers is the shocking response that I received from a contributor to the conversation when I prosed the thought to them of what they would do for the same thing?

Their response was shocking to me because they related to the conversation group that they would actually eat someone else's feces for this amount of money (they also didn't even figure in the house); which automatically spawned a variety of commentary to include criticism and critical thinking, and, cause and effect relationships, in as much as the possible condition of a person's health and how it could be affected by performing such a ludicrous act, and whether or not the money at that point would even make a difference, and even some laughter (most likely a derivative of the emotion of nervousness and possibly shock and shame simultaneously by conversation group participants).  All and all, to the best of my knowledge "the feces" response never became a reality, and, I'll share my personal experience in an upcoming post.

In another true life story, I asked a similar question, but at an exponentially greater dollar amount, and without much thought received the answer that the person asked would actually murder another individual for such an amount of money ... this response inspired me to post the question here:

What would you do for one hundred million dollars?

So, through real life conversations, I have learned that both social and personal norms can quickly be evaded by even the average person when hypothetically considering such a situation, and, it makes me further wonder what such a possibility would look like to our world and its future when applied to masses of people.

In a future blog, I plan to add another variable to the situation, which some followers may have already ascertained that I am posting sequential topics to bring about a deep and candid thought session amongst readers, followers, and posters.

A final example of what some people would do for much less money is based on the previously aired television show ... "Fear Factor" in which some individuals faced their most avoided or greatest fears in life for the promise of finances in a large amount, and did so, on public television.  A few examples, included fear of heights and exposure to and in some cases even consumption of matter which is not ordinary which was deemed by some, possibly many, grotesque!  Below is a link to previously aired "Fear Factor" episodes:

I am also including three (3) additional You Tube links in three (3) separate genres of music w/money topics:

I am encouraging blog participants to really put some thought in to this question taking all facets of life and death, love and hate, liberties and imprisonments (both physical and mental), dreams and nightmares, hopes and disappointments, aspirations and disinterest, successes and failures, as well as, deficiencies and benefits, sufferings and health, good and bad experiences, education and ignorance and/or incompetence, morals and immorality, values and worthlessness, trust and distrust, freedom and lack of, justice and injustice, pride and shame, and societal norms and extremes, and whatever other ideas or comparison combinations come to mind in to the equation before answering, and then ask yourself, "what would you do for one hundred million dollars?

In concluding preparation, I am going to share that I am completely new to blogging but have probably been a conversationalist, as many of us, for many years.  I have been both on the sending and receiving ends of communication, and, have been included in one-to-one and one-to-many conversations in which confidentiality was not a wavering decision.  I also want to assure that my intent is purely to provoke thought, not necessarily action, and is not meant to offend anyone in any way, but merely to display a hypothetical discussion topic and all the variances and similarities it brings about.

With this being said, I want to relay that as a new blogger I do not know whether or not anonymous postings are possible (to protect a person's legal rights from self-incrimination through self-disclosure); so ... the situation, as are new and coming situations, is always posted as hypothetical of course, for such reasons, and also for reasons of healthy discussion that can enlighten us all about the realities of life and the human mind, through hypothetical discussion only, therefore, without consequence.

So, please, feel free to explore the regions of your mind, soul, character, needs, and desires when answering.

So, in concluding this post, I want to reiterate that the question is not here to encourage, probe, or judge anyone in one way or the other, but rather, to honestly extract and maturely share with others the reality of how the attainment of such a financial status could be so persuasive in an individual's life, or not.

For those of you wondering why I have not yet answered the question myself it is because I am intrigued by the thought of what the question may reveal about myself and others as human beings.  I do have a response, but ... I invite followers to post their responses to the query, before re-entering myself in to the blog to reveal my personal feelings on the hypothetical question posted; I also wish to silently challenge myself to see if after reviewing others' responses if my original response (which I only know at this very moment) could be challenged or influenced by others' responses, lastly, I am curious to compare my thoughts to both the minority and majority just to see where I fit in.

I plan to share and reveal not only my personal answer to the question, but, also whether or not I became or could become influenced by others, and where I feel I fit in through comparative analysis, with and to others.

To all hypothetical and theoretical prospective millionaires ... Happy Blogging!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What would you do with one hundred million dollars?

I believe that I would be living a dream come true to be able to expeditiously begin a life long journey of global travel and completion of higher learning while making sound investments in humanity; the environment; technology; science, education, and, possibly medicine.  

I can only be inspired and motivated by the thought of what type of freedom finances of that measure could actually provide to any single individual.  

For myself, personally, I believe that I would utilize my entrepreneurial spirit to engage in many successful business ventures while continuously utilizing portions of those proceeds to perpetually give back to the world.  

Basically, because the world is so diverse and at the same time disproportionately segmented, I am posting this blog to learn more about what others would do in this hypothetical situation.